Fulltime Vue JS openings in Austin, United States on August 15, 2022

UI​/Vue​/React​/Angular​/Vanilla JS Developer at Experis

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months of experience in Austin

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1. Strong fundamental CS background, including data structures, algorithms, system design, OOP, FP and etc. 2. Good understanding of major design patterns (modular, facade, observer and etc) 3. Understanding of major front end architectural patterns (MVC, MVVM, Flux and etc) 4. Expert level of vanilla JS (es6/7/next) 5. Extensive experience building medium to large applications using one of the modern JS frameworks (Vue, React or Angular) utilizing client side router and data store
6. Experience building Node web applications (Express or Koa), defining APIs and interacting with services r 7. Expert level of CSS and one of the pre-processors (SCSS, Stylus, LESS and etc) 8. Experience writing unit tests for client and server side code using one of the testing frameworks and test runners (Mocha, Jasmin, Jest and etc) 9. Good sense of pixel perfect design and UX and ability to build UI that looks good
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